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The Family Wealth Game Plan - Summary -

Clients are attracted to our firm for a wide variety of reasons . . . income tax preparation and planning, investing advice, guidance with how to receive social security benefits, estate planning, business accounting or traditional retirement planning.

No matter what your reason for visiting us, think of our service offerings as an enormous buffet which you can pick and choose from at your convenience.  You may need immediate assistance with your income taxes but don't have any interest in investment advice.  You may realize that you need some guidance on estate planning, but not right now.  Whatever your current or long-term needs may be, we are ready and able to guide and assist you and your family based on your own individual time table.

Our services have been arranged in a circular diagram we call The Family Wealth Game Plan and this consists of a series of individual services that make up a family's wealth framework.  Each one of these pieces of your wealth puzzle are described in greater detail by selecting whichever service you happen to be interested in.

Family Wealth
Maximize Social Security-Rendered-HR.jpg
The Social Security Maximizer
The Future Income Blueprint
The Tactical Wealth Multiplier
The Retirement Plan Optimizer
The Personal Tax Minimizer
The Enterprise Advantage
The Ultimate Legacy Extender
The Charitable Legacy Solution
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