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The Personal Tax Minimizer

This is one of our core services that we offer to all clients.  Having prepared thousands of tax returns over the last 35 years, we are extremely well versed in all of the tricks, techniques and strategies necessary for minimizing your income tax bill while at the same time complying with all of the technical requirements for filing an accurate and correct tax return.

We differentiate ourselves from other tax professionals by not only preparing our client's tax returns promptly and accurately, but with our unique focus on their FUTURE tax situation.  Nobody likes unforeseen surprises popping up on April 15th, so we make sure that our clients take full advantage of all opportunities and avoid all obstacles BEFORE the filing season even begins.  Being proactive is always better than correcting a mistake after the fact.  Unique, tax-saving strategies are what we excel at.

Our Process


  1. The first step is to have a short 30-minute conversation on the telephone.  We call this our Discovery Telephone Call.  There’s no need to get in your car and drive out to our office, nothing to prepare, no documents to gather, just a short phone call to determine what you are searching for and perhaps how we can assist you by adding value to your life.  No cost, no obligation.

  2. At the end of the Discovery Telephone Call, if we both agree that there is enough basis to chat further, we will invite you to visit our office for a 45-minute in-person meeting.  We call this our Discovery Tax Meeting.  At this point, we will ask you to bring along your prior three-years of tax returns and any current tax documentation you might already have.

  3. We will prepare a detailed fee estimate for you when we meet.  This will be based on your prior year tax returns and our conversation about your current tax situation.  No matter what it takes to complete your tax returns, you will know with certainty exactly what your maximum fee will be.  If your actual fee turns out to be less than our estimate, we will charge you the lower amount.  If your actual fee turns out to be more than our estimate, we will stick to our original estimated amount.  Once again, there will be no cost and no obligation for our time together.

  4. At the end of the Discovery Tax Meeting, if we both agree to move forward, we will request that you leave your prior year tax returns and your current year tax documents with us and we will begin preparing your Federal and State tax returns.

  5. We will also give your prior year tax returns a complete and thorough review, searching for errors, omissions and opportunities to recover old overpaid taxes.  We normally charge $197 for this specialized service we call , but as an extra special bonus, we will perform this review at absolutely NO Cost to you. 

  6. During the tax return preparation process, we will often times reach out to you for added information or clarification about tax items that we uncover.  We usually do this with a phone call or an email message. 

  7. Once your tax returns have been completed we will invite you back in to our office to review your returns in detail with you.  We will also discuss strategies you might consider to minimize your future tax liability.  You will receive a complete printed copy of your returns to take with you for safe keeping.  We will also maintain a digital copy of your returns and source documents in our office in a password protected location.  We will then electronically file your tax returns directly from our office.

Email us at Info@RobertOlsenWealthGroup.Com or simply give us a call at (636) 537-2506 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm to schedule a No-Cost, No-Obligation Discovery Telephone Appointment.

The Personal Tax Minimizer

Tax Return Preparation,
Historic Tax Return Review,
Future-Based Tax Planning
Unique Strategies To Minimize Or Eliminate Taxes
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