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The Retirement Plan Optimizer


Today, employer sponsored retirement plans hold Trillions of dollars of investment money.  These unique investment accounts (401k's, 403b's and 457 plans) are probably the largest financial asset that most people will ever own and will directly influence whether or not a family can truly enjoy a successful and comfortable retirement or not.  And yet, the vast majority of Americans don't clearly understand how these accounts work, what their investing options are or how to optimize the performance of their accounts.  Studies have consistently shown that participants in these type of retirement plans hardly ever change their investment allocations and frequently don't even know what their account balance is or what their investment performance has been.

Our Retirement Plan Optimizer Service is as unique as your retirement plan is.  We custom design a strategy just for you and your company plan. The specific strategy is designed to optimize your investment performance while avoiding significant losses during periods of market turmoil and uncertainty.

Doesn't it make sense to monitor and manage your retirement nest egg so that it grows and multiplies during good times and retains your gains and preserves its value during bad times??   That proposition is a lot easier said than done, but it's precisely what we strive for and achieve here at the Robert Olsen Wealth Group.

The two largest obstacles that prevent investors like you from achieving the optimum results that you expect are:

Time and Expertise

Most of our retirement plan clients are already successful professionals, business owners or experts in their chosen fields.  They simply don't have the extra time in their schedules to monitor and manage investment funds.  They also don't have the academic background and real-life experience and expertise it takes to perform the advanced technical analysis necessary to optimize their retirement portfolio.  This doesn't mean that our clients are dumb.  On the contrary.  They are some of the most talented, innovative and hard driving people I know.  Investments are just not their primary focus.

So, a number of years ago, we decided to begin serving a highly specialized niche of clients by providing individual retirement plan participants with independent, third party, fiduciary market intelligence, advanced analysis and custom tailored advice so they can optimize the value of their company retirement plan.  We aren't hired or compensated by the company, the retirement plan administrator or any of the investment providers so our work is truly independent.  We use in-depth research and advanced technical analysis as the basis for a unique investment philosophy that actually makes perfect sense when you stop and think about it.  We use leading edge technology to monitor and review your retirement plan investments on a daily basis.

We examine and analyze each and every investment choice within your retirement plan menu for operating expenses and then, on a weekly basis, we grade and rank them in terms of performance.  Then, when appropriate (usually quarterly but occasionally more often) we notify you when you need to make alterations to the investments within your retirement plan.  That's exactly right, we not only identify when and what to buy but also when and what to sell.  We never simply reallocate your account balance back to some mystical set of ideal percentages.

In our practical and common sense approach to managing retirement plan funds we believe in the following:

  1. We don't know where the financial markets will be going - and neither does anyone else - so we refuse to forecast, predict or speculate about the future.

  2. Wherever the financial markets do happen to go they usually get there by trending.

  3. Along the way, there will always be investments that perform above average and there will always be investments that perform below average.

  4. We never assume that other investors will be "rational" or "efficient".  On the contrary, most investors are "emotional" and often are unaware of market realities.

  5. We never subscribe to the "buy and hold", remain fully invested approach no matter what the financial market conditions might be.  We believe this approach leads to large losses that often times take years to recover from.

Our single overriding purpose is to accumulate and multiply your wealth in good market conditions and preserve gains and avoid large losses in bad market conditions.  That means investing time, resources and actual work to achieve the results our clients expect.

Regulatory Disclosure

As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, the Robert Olsen Wealth Group is currently registered and licensed in the States of Missouri and Texas.  The firm may only transact business with residents of Missouri and Texas or residents of other states where otherwise legally permitted subject to exemption or exclusion from registration requirements.

We are currently regulated by the Securities Division of the Missouri Secretary of State's Office.

The Retirement Plan Optimizer

Independent Participant Advice
To Optimize Your Company's Unique Retirement Plan
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