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Bull/Calendar Effects Model

This is a 22 minute discussion of a Blended NonTraditional investment

model that performs very well during Bull markets and extremely well

during Bear markets.

Recorded in September 2015

The Tactical Wealth Multiplier

Investing your hard earned money in this technology driven age of the internet is not for the faint of heart and certainly not for amateurs or do-it-yourselfers, no matter what you may hear from the marketers trying to sell you on THEIR pre-packaged Wall Street product or internet-based solution.  The days of buying and holding a simplistic pie chart of investments are

long gone.  I believe that the majority of all Americans clearly understand that there is no such thing as a Big Red EASY button, even though we all want one.

Taking advantage of upsurges in the financial markets and avoiding devastating losses requires hard work, diligence, sophisticated tools and technology.  It also requires a clearly defined set of goals, policies and a predictable and repeatable investing methodology.  Today's fast moving financial markets demand a much more tactical approach to investing that can respond quickly to changes in the financial environment.


This is the reason we are different than everyone else offering investment advice and this is exactly how we add enormous value and confidence to our client relationships.

Regulatory Disclosure

As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, the Robert Olsen Wealth Group is currently registered and licensed in the States of Missouri and Texas.  The firm may only transact business with residents of Missouri and Texas or residents of other states where otherwise legally permitted subject to exemption or exclusion from registration requirements.

We are currently regulated by the Securities Division of the Missouri Secretary of State's Office.

Fact Based Investing

This is a 40 minute discussion of our core investing philosophy and how we are significantly different than the way most traditional

Wall Street investment advisers dispense their investment advise.

Recorded in September 2015

Our Unique Blended

Investment Profiles

This is a 26 minute discussion of our four (4) flagship blended investing profiles, how they perform and who they are specifically designed for.

Recorded in September 2015


The Tactical Wealth Multiplier

A Common Sense, Risk Managed,
Tactical Investment Methodology Designed Especially
For Today's Risk Averse And Cost Conscious Investors
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